Mobile-Ready Landing Pages Are Here!!!

Hey Guys … awesome news for you today.  We’ve been working on this for a looooooong time … and I’m happy to announce that your infuseFT landing pages have been re-created using the new mobile-ready (responsive) templates.  Here’s a 2 min. video walk-through … check it out and then BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW … Video: Responsive Landing Pages
Pages that have been re-created (their names in mystudio and the URL): A IS – Free Session – A IS – Jumpstart – A IS – Personalized Program Preview – A IS – Somebody Loves You (2r) – A IS – Somebody Loves You (8nr) – A IS – Somebody Loves You (16r) – What you need to do: 1. Pull up each of these pages, make sure that you’re seeing the new page template, fill out the form with a test contact, and click “Submit” (you can use the same contact for each) … we want to make sure that you receive the Lead Notification (this is only to verify that all settings are correct).  Then just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll delete your test contact (you’ll need to tell me the full name ;)). 2. Make any adjustments you’d like to the Landing Pages … for example … some of you prefer “Free Consult” to “Free Session” … or perhaps the cost of the Jumpstart is $199 instead of $99. Other Notes: 1. I pulled over PPP videos for you (if you had your own) 2. I did not pull over Free Session and Jumpstart videos.  The template includes a great very high quality testimonial video.  You can replace with your video if you like … or you can add your video to the body content (just like on the previous landing pages) 3.  If you had re-marketing or conversion tracking code … I did move that to the new pages, but suggest that you double-check it. That’s it … let me know if you have questions! Have a great day!  


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