Sweet infuseFT Dashboard Cheat Sheet

infuseFT faviconHey Guys …  so I’ve been working hard to improve the means by which I can efficiently and effectively communicate with you on a regular basis … and I’ve come up with a pretty cool solution.  Check this out: www.infuseFT.com now has a blog page (not that exciting) … but what IS exciting is that anytime I post it will automatically be shared on our infuseFT FB group, you’ll receive an e-mail … AND … coming soon (before the conference) … you’ll have a widget added to your dashboard with a feed of the most recent posts.  Bottom line … short of carrier pigeons … I’m doing everything possible to keep you in the loop. I know how busy you are, so I’ll keep posts short, sweet and informative … please read them.  I’m guessing once a week will be the norm. To kick this off … I’ve attached a pretty sweet tool that should make your life quite a bit easier.  Ever wonder which form to use to clear your dashboard? Which box to check? What happens after I do this? … Well … here you go: Dashboard Cheat Sheet Download. Print. Enjoy. Have an awesome day.  


  • Craig Garkie

    March 22, 2016

    This is solid! Thanks Rick

  • Benjie Moser

    March 22, 2016


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