Text Management

Automated text integration and management is done through Fix Your Funnel, a platform that was designed to integrate specifically with Infusionsoft.

Below, you'll find an overview of how messaging is managed via the Text Management Cycle.  Additionally, you find tutorial videos that demonstrate the cycle in use via the FYF Messenger mobile and desktop apps ... as well as a walkthrough of the FYF Chrome Extension and how to manage the FYF dashboard widget in Infusionsoft.

Text Management Cycle


The first step when replying to a prospect/client who has responded to an automated text (from you) is to CLAIM the conversation.  Claiming the conversation assigns ownership of the conversation to you.


The next step is to CONVERSE.  This can be done through FYF's Messenger mobile app, or through their desktop application.


When the conversation ends, the final step is to ARCHIVE.  Archiving will automatically add the conversation to the Notes on the contact's record in Infusionsoft.  Additionally, it enables the logic that instructs Infusionsoft to alert you via your dashboard (and e-mail) when the contact responds.

Text Management Tools

FYF Chrome Extension

Infusionsoft Dashboard