Lead Capture

These campaigns are designed to capture new leads and to deliver them to your dashboard.

The campaigns and sequences below are to be utilized for lead capture and cultivation.  These campaigns allow for minor customization in the copy (on a studio by studio basis) to ensure relevancy.

Use the following resources to help you make good-looking landing page videos.

The following campaigns also serve to capture leads and deliver them to your dashboard.

6 Week Transformation Challenge:  Market the 6 Week Transformation Challenge landing page (www.fitnesstogether.com/studioname/6weekchallenge) anywhere you like.  This landing page will deliver the prospect to the 6 Week Challenge (follow-up) campaign found on the Sales Campaigns page.

NPS Referrals:  This campaign runs automatically and delivers leads generated through the referral component of the NPS campaign to your dashboard.

Manual Entry (Phone Call / Walk-In):  Use your custom Manual Entry page (www.fitnesstogether.com/studioname/manualentry) to enter phone call and walk-in leads into InfuseFT.  These leads will appear on your dashboard.

Contact Us:  The Contact Us form on your website is integrated with InfuseFT.  When a prospect submits this form you will receive an e-mail notification and they will appear on your dashboard.

Referral Partners:  Share the url for your custom Referral Partners page (www.fitnesstogether.com/studioname/referralpartners) with any B2B relationships you have.  You will receive a notification e-mail and the lead will appear on your dashboard when a lead submits the form on this page.