infuseFT Tips – Broadcast Texting

Are you leveraging broadcast texts in your prospect/past client follow-up strategy?  We recently ran a reactivation broadcast texting campaign for a bunch of studios and the response was very positive.
To send broadcast texts to your contacts you’ll need to make sure have been integrated to use Fix Your Funnel (FYF) and the Broadcast feature.  (If not or you are unsure just shoot us an email and will get you setup!)  Then just send us a note and we’ll process the broadcast for you … here’s what we’ll need from you:
– Who in InfuseFT to send the text to (Active, Nurture or both).
– Your message.
– An image/logo (in landscape).
– The date you want the text sent.
– The 3 hour window to send it. (ex> 3 – 6pm)
Please email us @ if you have any questions.  This tip has also been posted to the Fitness Together InfuseFT Support Schoox page –
Have a great day!

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