Mobile-Ready Landing Pages Are Here!!!

Hey Guys … awesome news for you today.  We’ve been working on this for a looooooong time … and I’m happy to announce that your infuseFT landing pages have been re-created using the new mobile-ready (responsive) templates.  Here’s a 2 min. video walk-through … check it out and then BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE STEPS…

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This just in … your dashboard is about to get awesomer

OK … this post has absolutely nothing to do with Ron Burgundy … but he’s funny, so there you have it. I have 2 really cool widgets to add to your dashboard: RSS Feed from the infuseFT blog – this widget will show the 5 most recent blog posts so that you are assured to…

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Sweet infuseFT Dashboard Cheat Sheet

Hey Guys …  so I’ve been working hard to improve the means by which I can efficiently and effectively communicate with you on a regular basis … and I’ve come up with a pretty cool solution.  Check this out: now has a blog page (not that exciting) … but what IS exciting is that anytime…

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